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Q: What is "TextPlayer"?
A: "TextPlayer" is speech aware application that can assist with listening to the web sites or any other text sources without reading it!

Q: How much time do you spend reading the Internet content? How much time do you spend reading Acrobat documents, Microsoft Office documents or any text?
A: A lot of it!

Q: If it is so, How can we help you to decrease your reading time without decreasing consumed information?
A: Very simple! " TextPlayer" allows you to listen to a text instead of reading it. Just add a text to the "TextPlayer" and play it. You also can save the text for later listening. Watch our 640x480 Demo Video ( 640x480, 895 Kb ) to see how simple and easy it is. Download " TextPlayer" and begin using it instantly!

Q: What other languages can TextPlayer speak?
A: Technically TextPlayer can speak any language. You can download and install the following languages from our support page: American English, British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and Spanish.

Natalie (Arizona): I had difficulties to read text on the Internet, because of my pure vision. Now I am so happy that I do not have to read the Internet, because I am listening to it. :)

John (Texas): Now I can listen to my favorite websites, while working on my project.

Mike (Ohio): I became more productive, now I can listen to MSNBC articles at any time and my manager does not bother me any more, thank you TextPlayer.

Peter (Florida): I am trading stocks and I am listening to the news simultaneously, awesome!

Garcia (California): Now I can learn English better, TextPlayer saved me $400!

TextPlayer ( Version - 1.0.39567.36394 )
The links in this section correspond to separate file types available in this download. Download the file type most appropriate for you.
Install.exe (888 Kb.) - Executable file
Setup.msi (372 Kb.) - Microsoft installation package
Setup.zip (508 Kb.) - ZIP archive

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small demo
Click to watch 640x480 video ( 895 Kb )

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