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  • One password for everything.
  • Auto fills and auto submits.
  • Protects your passwords and personal information.
  • Extremely secure.
  • Protects You From Identity Theft.
  • Protects with Screen Lock.
  • And more...

Password Manager is all you need to secure all you passwords and logins. All your passwords and personal information is protected with a Master Password of your choice. You remember one Master Password and Password Manager remembers the rest.

With a push of a button, Password Manager will open your web browser and automatically fill out the login form at that website with your information and submit it to the web server. Cool? Yes! Useful? Extremely!

Password Manager uses powerful military-strength 256-bit AES encryption (it's strong enough to be used for encrypting TOP SECRET information by US Government) Password Manager securely stores your usernames, passwords and other information stored on your computer. All your passwords also encrypted in memory. When you visit a password-protected website, Password Manager automatically retrieves your data and logs you in with one click.

Password Manager includes extra security features to make sure your data is always secure. You can feel safe knowing that absolutely nobody will be able to access your Password Manager passwords without the correct master password. One of the features is Quick-Lock - at the push of a button, Password Manager will securely lock itself to any wandering intruders. Password Manager also automatically locks after a certain period of time.

You can now use hard to guess passwords or even passphrases for all your logins! Defeat key-loggers and phishing scams!

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft© Windows© ME or higher.
  • Microsoft© Internet Explorer© 6 or higher.
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