Independent Polls

“President Obama, are you listening?”
- Rick Santelli

There has been enormous presure and propaganda by the US goverment about current US economy and US politics in the media. I am so tired of that propaganda and here is the polls I would like you to take and share your opinion.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you.

Here is the truth:
Do you approve Obama's 275 billion dollar housing plan?
Do you approve any of the stimulus that has gone out?
Do you approve any of the banking bailouts?
Knowing what you know now, would you vote for Obama again?
If you heard that an armed revolt were under way what would you do?
Should the cubans be sent to Cuba?
Will the Republican Party exist in 2016?
Did you vote for Obama?
Do you approve of the way the Democrats have done whatever they want to do?
Do you believe in "spreading the wealth"?
If 250k is middle class in the heart of Iowa, do you believe 250k is middle class in NY City?
Are you employed?
What would you do if the government gave you & every taxpayer 100k as part of a stimulus?
Should Obama be impeached?
Should all Illegals be sent back?
Should America become a socialist country?
Can on-line polls be rigged?
Should there be term limits for Congress?
Do you think that this administration is trying to tackle too many issues at once?
Do you think illegal immagration reform would have a positive effect on the health care expenses?
Would you support a government mentoring program that teaches people marketable skills?
Do you know the Fair Tax is?
Do you feel the 13th Amendment is being violated by industry and government due to today's times?
How often do you make love
should all boarders be closed
Do you support the patriot act?
Should the Carlyle Group be investigated?
Is Fukushima a softkill operation?
Do you believe that tax cuts help to create jobs?
Are most people in the US selfish?
Do you think the minority rules the US?
Do you think freedom of speach hurts the US?
Will you join the independent party?
Would You Join a National Activist "Bust Up Big Bank Assets" Group
Do you think people with no Health Insurance and no money to pay upfront should get medical care?
Should Congress resign?
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