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Quick Tutorial

Create Master Password Screen.
When you run Password Manager for the first time you will be prompted for a master password. Please select carefully your master password, because it will protect all your passwords stored in the Password Manager's database. You can always change your master password later by clicking "Password" button.

User interface is simple and intuitive. There are five buttons on the toolbar: "New", "Settings", "Password", "Panic", "Key" and "Help" (once the product key is entered the text will be changed to "About"). Toolbar also provides search functionality by checking "Filter" check box and entering a word (partial word also accepted) or a phrase. You can perform four types of search: by Account Description, by URL, by User Name or by Comments.

  • - Navigate button. Once you have created the login data you can automatically login to the secure Web site just by clicking the Navigate button.
  • - Minimize button. If form is maximized ( expanded ) then you can minimize ( collapse ) it by clicking on the Minimize button.
  • - Maximize button. If form is minimized ( collapsed ) then you can minimize ( expand ) it by clicking on the Maximize button.
  • - Delete button. This button deletes the login data, this operation is not recoverable.
  • - Lock check box. Uncheck this check box if you need to edit the login data. You have to save the data after you unlock it or you can close Password Manager application without saving the data.
  • - Auto Submit check box. Uncheck this check box if Auto Submit feature does not work correctly. Some Web sites implement different variations of dynamic login method and "AutoSubmit" feature might not work

User Interface.

Adding Login Data

Example of Yahoo login screen.
There are two ways to create login data in Password Manager:
  1. Automatically: If Password Manager is running and you open Internet Explorer and navigate to a login URL, Password Manager will recognize that you are at the login Web page and you will see C button next to the password field on this Web page. Enter your user ID and password on the Web page and click C button, login data will be populated to Password Manager and new login form will be created and saved. Review saved login information and correct if it's necessary (by default "AutoSubmit" check box is checked).
  2. Manually: Click on "New" button and empty login form will be created. Manually enter URL, user ID and password. Check if "AutoSubmit" feature works correctly, if it does then leave "AutoSubmit" check box checked. Some Web sites implement different variations of dynamic login method and "AutoSubmit" feature might not work.

Locked Screen.
Password Manager can be locked at any time by clicking "Panic" button; it also locks itself after certain amount of idle time ( Maximum Inactivity Time ). Maximum Inactivity Time can be changed on settings screen ( "Settings" button ), Master Login Timeout value can be changed as well. In order to unlock the screen click on the locked area (the area with flying locks) and master login message box will appear.

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft© Windows© ME or higher.
  • Microsoft© Internet Explorer© 6 or higher.
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